5 Fun and Healthy Things To Do At Home

5 Fun and Healthy Things To Do At Home

Are you advised by your doctor to stay at home? If you are, do you think it’s boring? Well, worry no more.
Extra Hand In-Home Care prepared 5 tips on some fun things to do while you’re at home:

  1. Do minimal exercise

    Exercise is still important, even when you’ve reached 80 years old. If you do minimal exercises, like a little bit of stretching or lunges, it would really be helpful for you so that you’ll gain strength, increase your immune system, increase your metabolism, and prevents you from getting cardiovascular disease. You might think that what we say is not true, but you’re wrong. Minimal exercises still have benefits. As long as you’ll exercise daily, you will feel the effect soon in about weeks or months.

  2. Play board games

    How about playing board games? There are lots of it. You can play chess, scrabble, monopoly, and others. Though this doesn’t involve any physical activity, but it helps in exercising your brain since you’re using it to think of tactical moves to win the game. It’s fun, challenging, and you can enjoy it with friends.

  3. Do yoga or Zumba

    If you have a big space at your home, you can have a Zumba or yoga session at your home. You can even try it with other family members or neighbors to make it more fun. To avoid the hassle, you don’t need to look for a Zumba or yoga instructor. You can just search videos on the Internet. Dozens of videos are uploaded there so you can have many choices. Just remember not to push yourself too much if you’re tired already.

  4. Read books

    Reading also is a form of brain exercise. When you read, you can learn new things, either new words, new ideas, anything! Reading makes your mind stronger since it stimulates your brain cells. There are a lot of interesting books to read, from books, novels, magazines, or even comics if you’re a visual reader.

  5. Do DIY stuff

    Have you tried DIY-ing? If not, you’d better be. Doing DIY (Do-It-Yourself) stuff enhances your creativity and it is also a good brain exercise. Thanks to the Internet, you can search for videos or articles about tips and procedures on how to do certain stuff. The good thing about DIY-ing is that you can also sell them. So, not only you’re exercising your brain, but you’re earning too.

Being at home is not all the time boring. There are actually a lot of fun and productive ways to do while you’re at home. But don’t forget to have someone to assist you in doing things that you have difficulty in doing it like cleaning, buying materials at the store, or someone to watch out for you when you do physical activities at your home. Make sure to call Extra Hand In-Home Care if you need help in homemaking. We won’t let you down. We will always be your trusted non-medical home care in Rancho Cucamonga CA. Visit our website at www.extrahandinhomecare.com for more services we offer or call us at 909-360-2223 to set an appointment with us.


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