Aging & Health Concerns: Understanding the Sleeping Problems

Aging & Health Concerns: Understanding the Sleeping Problems

As much as we want to play and avoid afternoon naps in our childhood, we struggle to get enough sleep as we get older. Aside from the normal changes in our sleeping patterns, a lot of factors are still affect the way we sleep that could lead to serious sleeping disorders.

Extra Hand In-Home Care, a trustworthy source of non-medical home care in Rancho Cucamonga CA, sees that it is very important to get enough sleep especially for older adults. If your elderly loved ones are showing signs and symptoms of lacking sleep, get help today!

Ever since we were children, we have been constantly reminded that we need to get the right hours of sleep. Sleep requirements should not change and remain from 7-8 hours of sleep every night. It can help with our physiological processes such as memory improvement, focus & concentration, cell repair and rejuvenation, and reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancers.

According to Harvard Health experts, older people who do not enjoy their sleep at night often suffer from attention problems and fatigue. And since aging has already placed health problems, this could worsen from not getting enough sleep. They could also experience secondary conditions as aforementioned above.

Experts advise that if elders would not be able to solve their sleeping problems and deal with different changes later on making their lifestyle difficult for them, do not wait for another minute to give them the right kind of help. An in-home caregiver would be able to develop the right sleeping and waking pattern for them.

Sleep patterns do change over time depending on the activities that they have during the day. If they do not use all their energy up during the day, it would be a great struggle for them to stay asleep at night. Some people experience wanting to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier in the next morning. They would still not be able to get the right number of hours of sleep that they need.

Your elderly loved ones’ sleeping problem might also root from different causes and they could result to trouble falling asleep, fatigue, irritability, dependence on sleeping pills and alcohol, and lack of control on one’s emotions. Your in-home caregiver would be able to identify the underlying problems and causes why your elderly loved ones are struggling with sleeping.

Make sure your elders have no complaints of feeling sad or depressed and stressed. Ask them about any falls or traumatic injuries that they might have experienced. Also, consider checking their medications and their health condition that could possibly affect their sleep.

Insomnia and other sleeping disorders are often rooted from poor sleeping habits and poor sleeping environment. This happens when they do not have a daily routine to live by. If their rooms are not dark and comfortably warm or cool, they would really have lot of problems with sleeping for sure.

Medications for arthritis, diabetes, pain, UTI, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s are considered to be very effective in interfering a person’s sleep. You should address these issues to your doctor.

Your elderly loved ones should be able to get enough exercise like walking and age-appropriate recreational activities to avoid living a sedentary life. Consult your doctor for the right exercise especially if they are still capable for aerobics. Another factor is stress. Stress could come from depression due to a death of spouse, family member, or friends. Due to this loss, it would be better for them to add new friends like encourage them to join in seniors’ groups, or volunteering.

There is also the question about napping. A nap is very useful for elders who do not feel lively during the day. Just make sure that their naps are short as 15-45 minutes since this could really improve specific brain processes. Longer than that could make your feel lousy and impedes one’s concentration.

In addition, consider early naps in the afternoon in order for them not to disrupt your nighttime sleep. Finally, the napping environment should be peaceful and comfortable with limited light and noise.

Call Extra Hand In-Home Care today for a dependable non-medical home care in Rancho Cucamonga CA that your elderly loved ones truly deserve!

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